Age of Sail Heritage Centre



The museum generates an income through admission fees and sales in the cafe and gift shop. These along with facility donations and fundraising, which are done throughout the year by volunteers, go to the general operation, including staffing and maintenance of the facility unless otherwise stated. Special donations may go to special projects. Government funding is limited to a yearly stipend from the Community Museum Assistance Program and Student Employment Grants. Occasionally special project grants are applied for. As a non-profit organization, fundraising and donations are vital to our survival.


The Age of Sail Heritage Center Museum is operated by the Greville Bay Shipbuilding Museum Society. The society is a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the lumbering and shipbuilding history of the Parrsboro Shore. This is done mainly by the collection of artifacts and archives relevant to the local history and its communities.

Incorporated in 1992, the society is made up of a board of local volunteers who selflessly dedicate their selves to the good of the community and the mandate of the society. Membership is open to all persons over the age of 18, with the like interests of the society. A yearly fee of $10 entitles a member to free museum admission, for the season, as well as bi-annual newsletters and other updates. The museum is run by the volunteers with the help of a seasonal curator/manager and summer students.